externally dispensor oil hose 3 1 - Externally Reinforced Oil Hose

Externally Reinforced Oil Hose

Standard of compliance:DIN73379 Type B
Hose colour/surface:Black/Externally reinforced
  • WP 20BAR / 300PSI BP 60BAR / 900PSI for 3mm up to 6mm Hose ID
  • WP 7BAR / 105PSI BP 30BAR / 450PSI for 7mm up to 9mm Hose ID
  • WP 13BAR / 200PSI BP 40BAR / 600PSI for 12mm Hose ID
Tube:Black, Fuel/oil resistant synthetic rubber
Reinforcement:Black, Heat resistant textile yarn, Braided
Operating temp :– 20 ℃ to +100 ℃